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Carolina A. de Lima Salge


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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of MIS at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.

I moved from São Paulo, Brazil to South Carolina, USA in 2005 to play collegiate tennis. Similar to Rick Watson, I am one of the few people in Georgia with a true southern accent. I am a real southerner — born and raised in Southeast Brazil.

I received degrees in Spanish & International Trade (BA) and Economics (MA) from Clemson University, and in Management and Information Systems (PhD) from the University of Georgia.

My research aims at generating insights to improve social interactions with computer algorithms in ethical ways. Specifically, I am interested in (1) illustrating how bots disseminate information in online social networks; (2) generating theory on the use of conversational agents in an increasingly hyper-private web browsing environment; and (3) understanding and disentangling the complex nature of algorithmic transparency.

Feel free to contact me at any medium provided here.